Protocols and Architectures for Wireless Sensor Networks

Holger Karl, Andreas Willig

This page provides supplementary material for the book Protocols and Architectures for Wireless Sensor Networks, published by Wiley, 2005. (There is also the official Wiley product page.)

Lecture Slides

You are welcome to use these slides in any non-commercial lecturing/training activites (universities, schools, private, ...) free of charge. We  would be happy to learn about any such use - please do drop us a note.

Chapter Chapter title PPT
1 Motivation & Application  PPT
2 Single node architecture  PPT
3 Network architecture  PPT
4 Physical layer  PPT
6 Link layer  PPT
7 Naming & addressing  PPT
8 Time synchronization  PPT
9 Localization & positioning  PPT
10 Topology control  PPT
11 Routing protocols  PPT
12 Data-centric & content-based networking  PPT
13 Transport protocols  PPT
14 Advanced support   TBD



You can download the bibliography of the book as [ BIBTEX ] or [ HTML ] file.


Unfortunately, the book does contain, in its current imprint, a few errors. We are compiling a list of errata, to be made available here soon. If you find any problems yourself, please do let us know!

Exercise Material

To be developed.

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